Help & support converting video and audio files

What does the Reincubate Video Converter do?

The Reincubate Video Converter can convert (transcode or reencode) audio and video files from one format to another on any Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer.

Convert WhatsApp audio messages from .caf to .mp3

WhatsApp audio message have the extension .caf (Core Audio Format). This is a special format designed to overcome limitations of older digital formats and has a 64-bit file offset. Most audio players don’t support .caf files, but they all support .mp3 files.

Convert .caf audio files to .mp3 files with Reincubate Video Converter and start listening your WhatsApp messages on your computer or on a feature phone.

Convert videos for Facebook upload

Convert videos to .avi for easy Facebook videos upload. Use the Reincubate Video Converter to change the file and enjoy the .avi converter with a frame size and bitrate especially created for Facebook. Choose the ".avi" file format in the "Video" tab. From the drop-down menu, select ".avi video for Facebook" profile and it should enjoy a nice converted .avi for Facebook video.

Use custom profile to change bitrate, frame rate and video size

To be able to change bitrate, frame rate and video size with Reincubate Video Converter you need to Load the video > Select the format you want to convert to > Click on "Profiles" > Click the "Clone" button > Give a name to the new profile > then easily Change bitrate, frame rate and frame size.

We recommend changing video bitrate for better streaming and compression. The bitrate measures how many bits are processed over a unit of time and an overall bitrate for a video is a combination between the video stream and the audio stream.

We recommend changing your video resolution to make sure your video doesn't take too much storage space of your device. Make sure you keep the aspect ration when changing resolution, try to keep the video at 16:9 or 4:3.

We recommend to change the video frame rate for optimal view. A great frame rate is considered to be at least 24 fps. However, make sure you keep the frame rate as close as possible to that of the source video.

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